Monday, June 20, 2011

Etched Glasses

I received my 18" Black Cat Cougar about a week ago.She arrived while I was on a 2 and a half week vacation visiting family in TN, AL and then we spent 5 days in DISNEY WORLD!!! It was my 3 kids first visit and they loved it. Anyways, I was excited but very nervous to make the switch from my Cricut to a Cougar. I read everything I could and watch every video I could find before I even tried cut anything. I finally got up the nerve to cut some vinyl last night so I could etch custom glasses for my dad and 2 brothers. The machine cut like a dream. The only problems I had was operator error in SCAL 3. Here is a cell phone picture of some of the glasses that I finished last night, the picture is awful. I will get better pictures soon.